The New England PGA is excited to announce a new NEPGA Travel Partners Program. This program was created to provide travel companies and destination/resort facilities the opportunity to support worthwhile Section programs and activities. This partnership will combine Section exposure, advertising, sponsorship and access to our professionals. It can be an extremely important means for those travel companies and destination/resort facilities seeking the ability to:


1. To promote or introduce their program or facility

2. To make New England PGA Professionals aware of their programs or facility

3. To support the activities that the New England PGA have identified as their priorities


The New England PGA has created a diverse benefit package to help promote our Travel Partner Program members and also deliver our message of appreciation for the relationship we will both enjoy. These include a dedicated NEPGA Travel Partners Website, our online NEPGA Monthly Newsletter that reaches all of our professionals as well as our database, our “Mixed Bag” weekly online newsletter, Travel Partner emails directly to our professionals.


We continue to promote our Travel Partners in the NEPGA Newsletters which are online and for 2017 will continue to provide each Travel Partner with the capability to link from our customized NEPGA Travel Partners website to their own. Technology has allowed us to better communicate with our vast membership and the golf community. We strive to provide our Travel Partners with effective ways to reach their target audience, and we will continue to provide E-Marketing opportunities for our Travel Partners and Sponsors.






Our goal is to create a win-win for the NEPGA, your customers and for our Travel Partners. The NEPGA Travel Partners Program will be an important part of our association’s mission to grow the game, serve the clubs and golf communities and promote the very best club professionals in the country. We feel the Travel Partners Program will be a terrific opportunity to reach your target audience and support the NEPGA.


Additional Benefits Include:

·        Exposure on new dedicated NEPGA Travel Partners webpage

·        Identification in monthly newsletters posted online

·         E-Marketing opportunities during the year

·        Presenting sponsor opportunity at mutually agreed-upon additional events that could include, but not be limited to: Assistants Tour events, Junior Events or specific NEPGA Pro-Ams

·        Highlighted in the new Featured Destination of the Week in the NEPGA Newsletter

·        Opportunity to provide bids for any NEPGA supplies or special events

·        Opportunity to provide an educational program


The New England PGA is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the game of golf and improving the vocation of the golf professional in New England. The New England PGA is one of the 41 sections of the PGA of America, and the New England PGA has more than 1100 PGA Members and apprentice golf professionals making it the 8th largest section in the country. Our geographic area covers Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts.




The New England PGA conducts more than 200 golf tournaments annually for professional, amateur, and junior golfers throughout New England. Our leadership, innovation, and quality have become synonymous with the New England PGA programs and have elevated the NEPGA to a position of prominence both in the local golf community and among its national counterparts. The New England PGA boasts some of the finest golf courses in the world, hosting major championships for the PGA of America, PGA Tour, and the USGA.


Golf has flourished here in New England, largely because of the willingness and desire of our area clubs and courses to support and maintain the traditions and heritage of the game.

That same concern for the game has manifested in the selection of quality golf professionals from around the country for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is the quality of the working environment at our area clubs and courses.


For the NEPGA Professional, “Growing the Game” is not just a theme, but a professional commitment and challenge. With over 100 hours of education and business conducted annually in the New England Section, along with a wide range of Player Development and Growth of the Game initiatives, our Travel Partners will truly been just that - allies in making our game and our association better.


We provide a wide range of junior activities, highlighted by almost 90 annual events, along with a schedule of tournaments for assistants, seniors, women and amateurs, as well as our more high-profile championships.

Not all of our constituency shares in the major sponsor relationships, but all of our professionals and their members can benefit from the Travel Partners Program involvement. Through our communications vehicles (NEPGA Travel Partners Site, NEPGA Newsletter, E-Marketing) we also deliver thousands of impressions and the promotion of our most loyal supporters.


We invite our NEPGA Travel Partners Program members to enjoy a unique and mutually beneficial relationship with the New England PGA Section.


Please Contact our staff about becoming a NEPGA Travel Partner at (508) 869-0000