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Drive, Chip and Putt kicks off season at Val Halla


-Cumberland, ME


The 2016 Drive, Chip and Putt season kicked off yesterday in New England! Val Halla Golf Club hosted the first sub-regional qualifier for the 2017 DCP Finals, once again being held the Sunday before the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Over 70 kids came out to try their best in each of the driving, chipping and putting skills to try and advance to the next round of qualifying later this summer. The top three overall winners from each age division at Val Halla moved on to the sub-regional final on June 31st at Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, Massachusetts!


Congratulations to:

Boys 7-9 qualifiers: Michael Bruce, Mason Binette, and Edward Goff. Girls 7-9 qualifiers: Jade Haylock, Madison Smith, and Alexis Mccormick


Boys 10-11: Jack Mason, Sebastien Martinez, and Elliott Spaulding. Girls 10-11: Molly Smith, Natalya Fougere, and Delaney Nadeau

Boys 12-13: Scotty Senatore, Cole Binette, and Ryan Stimson. Girls 12-13: Nicole Hogan, Ruby Haylock, and Mia Hornberger

Boys 14-15: Nathan Hogan, Kyle Nicholson, and Calvin Flaherty. Girls 14-15: SarahMaude Martel.


Those who qualified can find out more information by visiting our Drive, Chip & Putt page on our Junior Tour website! Thank you to Val Halla Golf club and Brian Bickford, PGA for hosting this great event, and a big thank you to all of our volunteers for helping to make the event possible! 


To register for other Drive, Chip and Putt sub-regional qualifiers go to!




The Real Truth About

In the last year no other PGA Program has been under more scrutiny or been the center of confusion more than the PGA’s partenership with online event registration tool You have seen emails, attended seminars and been called about the ACTIVE Tool from both the PGA of America & ACTIVE staff. From these communications you have learned about ACTIVE’s 8 million plus monthly subscribers and how they are in 1 of every 3 households. All the stats are great but it doesn’t answer the important question “is ACTIVE right for me?”

First off...Is the answer for every facility? The answer is no. Some tools provided on just will not work for all facilities at this time. Each New England PGA facility is unique, its own operation, and a standard tool can’t be the perfect fit for everybody. At a private facility I would not want to use ACTIVE for event registration. It will open my events to the public and I can’t charge member accounts.

Second question...Can successfully be utilized at every New England facility? The answer here is an emphatic YES. The ACTIVE Tools are like a buffet of useful resources that you can use to enhance programming at any golf facility. Below I am going to highlight how different facility types can use the ACTIVE Partnership to generate additional revenue and member benefits for their facility.


Make Your Wine and Nine Events Educational

Brian Bickford is the PGA director of golf at Val Halla Golf & Recreation Center in Cumberland, Maine.

Brian Bickford on the importance of making your wine and nine events educational:

While I was working my way through my PGA education courses, I decided to create a program to help grow the occasional women’s base at my facility. As a result, I created an educational five-week women’s Wine and Nine program. I targeted three types of women for participation: mothers, professionals and executives, and the newly retired. The program costs $89 per person and each week, we provide wine to the ladies during our session. For the first session, we don’t even touch golf clubs. I give a slideshow presentation and we discuss everything they may need to know about golf such as tee time reservations, a shopping list of what they will need to buy to play, getting around our facility, and so on. I also try to make the women as comfortable as possible and to break down any barriers as some of them view golf as a “man’s world.” We teach the ladies fundamentals on the range for the second and third sessions. For the fourth and fifth nights, we take the ladies out on the course to play a few holes, all while teaching them about course markings, the different sets of tee markers, driving the golf cars, the scorecard and where the bathrooms are on the course. The most important aspects of the on-course sessions are etiquette and safety. After each session, we gather in our grillroom to review the night and to have a social experience; many of the ladies stay for more wine and dinner. When the five sessions are complete, I give each participant a stemless wine glass with the Val Halla logo on it and a voucher for a free nine-hole round of golf.

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Promote, Simplify and Succeed with

Player Development Programs and the Active Network ( go together like Judge Smails & Billy Baroo. Billy was the “go to” club for the Judge and has the potential to be that “go to” resource for your programs.

To generate successful programs like the new golfer program Get Golf Ready, the first critical component is getting the word out to the right people. Second is making registration simple for you and your students. Finally (and most importantly) is collecting payment, and getting contact information as well as data about your students that will help you quantify your value to your facility. provides an unbelievably easy solution for all of these steps.




PGA Player Development
Regional Manager ~ Boston

Brian Bain, PGA