2017 Results: Pro-Pro at Middleton GC

April 28, 2017

Individual Pro Gross
1.  Dan Gillis, PGA  Nabnasset Lake CC  54   $200
2.  Brad Durrin, PGA Chelmsford CC  58   $150
3.  Chris Costa, PGA Middleton GC  59   $100

Individual Pro Net
1.    Bill Lodge, PGA   Life Member  52  $200
2.    Jim Lane, PGA  Life Member   53   $150
3.    Donnie Lyons, PGA   Reedy Meadow GC  56   $100

Team Gross
1.   Brad Durrin, PGA  Chelmsford CC; Jim Lane, PGA  Life Member; Rod Van Guilder, PGA Rod's Golf Improvement Ctr.  51     $100 each

Team Net
1.    (t) Harry Rose, PGA  Needham GC;Mike Mullavey, PGA Life Member; Dan Gillis, PGA  Nabnasset Lake CC  46  $50 each
1.    (t) Jim Gunnare, PGA Portsmouth CC; Bill Lodge, PGA Life Member; Andy Froude, PGA Stone Meadow DR 46   $50 each


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100_0097.JPG Seniors' Association Championship
100_0098.JPG Seniors' Association Championship
100_0096.JPG Seniors' Association Championship
100_0095.JPG Seniors' Association Championship
100_0094.JPG Seniors' Association Championship
100_0074.JPG Bass Rocks GC

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