NEPGA Pro-Sr Club Member Championship

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2002 John Fields, PGA Belmont CC and Andy Newman (a), Steve Fine (a), and Len Benheirner (a)  
2003 Jim Fraser, PGA Brockton CC and W.P. Kelley (a), Tom Wilkinson (a), and Joe Cook (a) 
2004  Rich Hasenfus, PGA Needham GC and George Burke (a), Tim Tourney (a), and Fran Coleman (a)
2005 Jeff Bailey, PGA CC of Norwood and Mike Videtta (a), Pete Cole (a), and Dave Westhaver (a) 
  Tom Caddel, PGA Walpole CC and Paul Crowley (a), Stan Palleiko (a), and William Stow (a)
  Dave Weiss, PGA Metacomet CC and Brad Faxon Sr. (a), Larry Bueay (a), and Roger Barganian (a) 
  Peter Norton, PGA Thorny Lea GC and Richard Ellis (a), Tom Gallas (a), and Ray Richard (a) 
2006  Joe Carr, PGA Bedrock GC and Mary Gale (a), John Carr (a), and Alden Johnson (a) 
  Tom Moffatt, PGA Framingham CC and Dana McMaster (a), John Materese (a), and Bob Black (a) 
2007  Joe Carr, PGA Bedrock GC and Don Gagnon (a), Bob Johnson (a), and John Carr (a) 
2008  Chip Johnson, PGA Hatherly CC and S. Monahan (a), Ed O'Connor (a), and John Mahoney (a) 
  Mike Wortis, PGA Leo J. Martin Memorial GC and Joe Mann (a), Ed Desmond (a), and Tom Kelley (a) 
2009  Frank Dully, PGA Kernwood CC and Richard Rothbard (a), Dave Grey (a), and Harold Freedman (a)
  Troy Pare, PGA Wannamoisett CC and Marc Forbes (a), Tom Goryl (a), and Charlie Vachon (a)
2010 Tom Tobey, PGA Bay Pointe CC and Gary Cananzey (a), Mark Gibson (a), and Rick Marcos (a) 
2011 Greg Sandell, PGA Golf Club of New England and Bob Britton (a), John Tinios (a), and David Della Penta (a)
  Rick Karbowski, PGA Auburn Driving Range and Paul Couture (a), Cliff Calvao (a), and Gary Palmer (a)
2012  Bill Andrews, PGA Portsmouth CC and Bill Leonard (a), Don Dorrow (a), and Craig Steckowych(a) 
2014 Michael Vidal, PGA Willowbend CC and Ray Richard (a), Scott Beers (a), and Bryan Eger
2015 Brendan Ray, PGA Carnegie Abbey Club and Brian Ray (a), Greg Marderosian (a) and Peter Leach (a)
  Ed Kirby, PGA Point Judith CC and Lou Finelli (a), Robert Dipetrillo (a) and Ken Cascella (a)

Robert Tramonti, PGA of Triggs Memorial Golf Club and Richard Leary (a), Richard Squizzero (a), and Peter Mcbride (a)

2017 Dan Gillis, PGA Nabnasset Lake CC and Bob Abrahamson (a), Dan Ahern (a), and Steve Jackson (a)