The New England PGA Golf Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is committed to its mission of impacting lives through golf.  We are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of veterans, youth and diverse populations. 


Recently founded, the New England PGA Foundation, through PGA Reach, will continually work to promote the game and improve the lives of thousands of children, military veterans and their  families, as well as diverse populations through golf each year.  Although the NEPGA fosters competition, the New England PGA Charitable Foundation is designed to encourage fellowship, good sportsmanship, continued skill development, honesty, integrity and etiquette.  


The New England PGA Foundation has three pillars:  Youth, Military & Diversity.

Golf for All

Diversity and inclusion are core values and a focus of the New England PGA Foudation, and we embrace the spirit of differences. We work each and every day with the PGA of America to have our commitment to diversity and inclusion resonate throughout the organization, the activities, programs and business we conduct, and any practice we implement. We strive to look through a lens of diversity and inclusion at all times.


On our quest toward creating a culture of inclusion within the golf industry, we actively seek collaboration with those who champion diversity and inclusion – organizations and golf facilities that have successfully demonstrated growth with diverse groups. It is vital that the game of golf is truly welcoming to all and perceived barriers are eliminated.


This takes an investment and a commitment to enact real change. As the PGA of America serves its members and grows participation in golf, we help drive the awareness that golf is in fact affordable, welcoming and fun for all individuals regardless of age, gender, ability, background or lifestyle.


We ask ourselves daily, what have we done to increase diversity and accessibility within the game? Taking action and making regular progress fuels the cultural transformation and our commitment that the face of the game will become more reflective of the face of society.

Table of Contents

• - Junior Golf
• - PGA H.O.P.E
• - Golf for All