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Junior Tour Store

NEPGA Junior Tour Kicks off New Fundraising

-Boylston, MA


The New England PGA Junior Tour has begun a new partnership with Ink’d Stores to sell Junior Tour merchandise to those in New England and beyond. Junior Tour logo items will be available on their new web store. All proceeds from the store are donated back to the NEPGA Foundation.


All Junior Tour merchandise will be available online only through Ink’d Stores. Some of the items include a backpack, t-shirts, a beanie cap, and sweatshirts. While only a select amount of items are available now, the Junior Tour will expand the offering in the new future.


Jay Sapovits, president of Ink’d is especially excited about the partnership.


“The NEPGA Jr Tour focuses on the right aspects of junior golf, sportsmanship and integrity. It also is a remarkable display of courage for young competitors. With the effort junior golfers take to grow their games, I believe they will wear this logo proudly among their friends. That is a group of individuals I want to be supportive (of),” said Sapovits.


Where the Grass is Greener

Familiar Faces Capture Victories at Portsmouth

-Greenland, NH


The New England PGA’s annual May pilgrimage to the Granite State seacoast is always a treat, but can be sweeter depending on the weather.  Regardless, Professionals from every Chapter in the Section block off the first Monday in May each year to take a trip around the picturesque layout of Portsmouth Country Club, located on a sliver of land called Pierce Point overlooking Great Bay just outside the city it is named for.  Opened in 1901 at nearby Pease Golf Course and relocated in 1956 to its current site, you can still see the military jets circling around landing at Pease Air Force Base just up the road, which is what required the relocation in the first place but provides a historical reference to this unique piece of property.

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