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George S. Wemyss Award

The George S. Wemyss Award is presented each year to an individual who has consistently been a friend to the NEPGA and/or its members over the years, and made a significant contribution to the game of golf. The individual should consistently demonstrate a high moral character, and has performed a distinctive service to the NEPGA to meet its goals or enhance its image.

The George S. Wemyss Award was originally called the "Man of the Year Award" and was first presented in 1977 to Cuz Mingolla.  In 1978 Dick Tarlow was the recipient followed by Gael Coakley in 1978 and Joe Lazaro in 1980.

The "Man of the Year Award" became the "Golden Golf Award" when the Committee decided to give this prestigious award to Pat Bradley in 1981 and realized that a name change was in order.  In 1982 Manny Francis was the recipient followed in 1983 by George S. Wemyss.  This award was not given in 1984, 1987, 1988, and 1989.  Geoge W. Page was the recipient in 1985 and George S. Wemyss, again in 1986.



1990 George S. Wemyss
1991 Not Given
1992 Not Given
1993 Edith Wemyss
1994 Phil Friel
1995 Al Glenn
1996 Susan Hudson
1997 Richard Haskell
1998 Robert Frem
1999 Edward J. Mingolla
2000 Thomas O. Murphy
2001 Walter Lankau 
2002 Not Given 
2003 Bill Flynn 
2004 George Lyons 
2005 Harry McCracken 
2006 Dan Hurley 
2007 Robert T. Lynch 
2008 Dennis Drinkwater 
2009 The Farina Family 
2010 Robert Donovan
2011 Wally Uihlein
2012 Terry Frechette
2013 Joan Stuart
2014 Not Given
2015 Not Given
2016 Gary Larrabee
2017 Eddie Carbone