Drivin', Chippin' and Puttin' Everyday

Juniors begin road to Augusta

-Cumberland, Maine


For thousands of junior golfers aged seven through fifteen throughout New England, the winter months are spent wearing multiple layers of clothing, shoveling snow and maybe playing a winter sport or some other activity to pass the time.  Gone are the days, at least temporarily, spent on the course with their friends, enjoying the warm days and dreaming of making putts to win the Masters, US Open, or perhaps the Drive, Chip & Putt Finals at Augusta National.  So while the ground thaws, surely in the back of their minds, the opportunity awaiting them come spring is an exciting one.


The Real Truth About Active.com

In the last year no other PGA Program has been under more scrutiny or been the center of confusion more than the PGA’s partenership with online event registration tool ACTIVE.com. You have seen emails, attended seminars and been called about the ACTIVE Tool from both the PGA of America & ACTIVE staff. From these communications you have learned about ACTIVE’s 8 million plus monthly subscribers and how they are in 1 of every 3 households. All the stats are great but it doesn’t answer the important question “is ACTIVE right for me?”

First off...Is ACTIVE.com the answer for every facility? The answer is no. Some tools provided on ACTIVE.com just will not work for all facilities at this time. Each New England PGA facility is unique, its own operation, and a standard tool can’t be the perfect fit for everybody. At a private facility I would not want to use ACTIVE for event registration. It will open my events to the public and I can’t charge member accounts.

Second question...Can ACTIVE.com successfully be utilized at every New England facility? The answer here is an emphatic YES. The ACTIVE Tools are like a buffet of useful resources that you can use to enhance programming at any golf facility. Below I am going to highlight how different facility types can use the ACTIVE Partnership to generate additional revenue and member benefits for their facility.





PGA Player Development
Regional Manager ~ Boston

Brian Bain, PGA