Playing by the Rules - Round Robin

May Edition

Playing by the Rules (Issue #30)

This space is generally reserved for discussion of the Rules of Golf, but for one month I’d like to use this space to give you some information and yes, some rules (eligibility, scoring, scheduling) for a newly created playing opportunity on the NEPGA schedule.

Every year at our fall meeting of the NEPGA Tournament Committee, we try to identify possibilities for additional playing opportunities for NEPGA members. The goal however was not to just create opportunities, but to create them in a way that would allow for flexibility, not only in those who could and would want to participate, but also with scheduling. The result was the creation of the NEPGA Round Robin Team Challenge.

I think for many of us, our initial reason for participating in sports was fueled by a desire to compete, and in my view this event offers all of us that opportunity and does it in a way that allows us to control our schedules. If you do not want to or can not commit to events that will force you to travel a significant distance, keeping you away from your family or job for multiple days, this playing opportunity is for you. However, my writing about it won’t give you the full story, so below you will see all the pertinent information you need to compete in and enjoy this event in 2012.


FORMAT: Four-Ball Match Play; Round Robin format within Chapter/Divisions.

TEAMS: 2-person Teams of PGA Members in good standing from any active
Classification listed in Article VI. Section(s) 1, 2 and 3 of the NEPGA
Tournament Rules & Regulations.
Professionals must partner with a professional who is a member of the same Chapter.

SCORING: For each match three (3) points will be awarded to the winner of the
front nine, three (3) points will be awarded to the winner of the back nine, and five (5)
points will be awarded to the winner of the match.
In the event of any nine hole segment or eighteen hole match ending All Square the
points shall be divided equally between the teams. Nine Holes- 1.5 points each and
eighteen holes 2.5 points each.

CHAPTER DIVISIONS: The first six (6) Teams from each Chapter that file an entry will be placed in their respective division.
The four (4) teams from each division with the highest point total at the end of the season will advance to the Championship round.

Each team will play one match against the other 5 teams in their
Division. The order of matches will be arranged randomly by the
New England Section Tournament Staff and distributed to contestants
as well as posted on the NEPGA website. The team listed first for each
match is designated as the “home” team. The home team is responsible
for initiating the scheduling of the match with the mutual acceptance of
the away team. Matches may be scheduled at any golf course within the
Chapter boundaries that employs a PGA Professional. Each specific match
must be completed on or before the designated completion dates
below. Players are responsible for any course fees for any match.

Match One: Must be completed between:
Monday, April 23 and Thursday, May 31

Match Two: Must be completed between:
Tuesday, May 1 and Saturday, June 30

Match Three: Must be completed between:
Friday, June 1 and Tuesday, July 31

Match Four: Must be completed between:
Sunday, July 1 and Friday, August 31

Match Five: Must be completed between:
Wednesday, August 1 and Sunday, September 30

The designated home team will be responsible for reporting the results of
the match within 48 hours of the match completion.
Please report all results to your Chapter Tournament/Operations Manager.
Current standings will be updated and distributed to contestants by the
New England Section Tournament Staff and posted on the NEPGA website.

If for any reason, it is necessary for a team to substitute a player, a
substitution will be permitted under the following conditions:
The substitute must be a PGA Member in good standing who is a member
of the Chapter/Division he will be substituting in and is not already on an
existing team.
A team is allowed the use of a substitute once during the season.

In the event that an 18-hole match cannot be completed, the
match will revert to 9-holes. The winning team will receive eight
(8) points for winning the 9-hole match.
If less than 9-holes are completed the match must be rescheduled.

If a match cannot be scheduled within the allotted time, the teams in
question will be considered to have forfeited the match.
There will be zero points awarded to either team.

Divisions will consist of six (6) Teams.
They will be comprised of Professionals from the following Chapters:
Cape Cod
Central Massachusetts
Eastern Massachusetts
Southern Massachusetts
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Thirty-two (32) teams qualify for the Championship.
The field will be filled by the four highest scoring teams from each Chapter.
Points earned during the season to determine the qualifiers will be reset for the Championship.
Based on the finish within their Chapters, teams will enter the Championship round with the following points:
The highest scoring team from each Chapter; Five (5) points, the second highest scorer Three (3) points, third highest Two (2) points and fourth highest One (1) point.
Form of play at the Championship will be Four-Ball Stroke play.
Points will be awarded at the Championship based on the results for that round. These points will be added to the points the teams carried forward from their Chapter finish to determine the overall Champion.

Championship Point Breakdown

1st 32 17th 16
2nd 31 18th 15
3rd 30 19th 14
4th 29 20th 13
5th 28 21st 12
6th 27 22nd 11
7th 26 23rd 10
8th 25 24th 9
9th 24 25th 8
10th 23 26th 7
11th 22 27th 6
12th 21 28th 5
13th 20 29th 4
14th 19 30th 3
15th 18 31st 2
16th 17 32nd 1

I hope those who participate this year will provide us with feedback to help improve the event in future years.

The Tournament Committee and Section Staff are always looking for ways to provide you with playing opportunities that fit your schedules and needs, please feel free to share your ideas for other events directly with me at

See you next month,