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Teachers Teaching Teachers Seminar

Teachers Teaching Teachers (SOLD OUT)

Where: Winchester Country Club Learning Center, 0 Lockeland Road, Winchester, MA 01890

When: Monday February 6th from 10:00 AM- Noon

Limited to 25 professionals | Registration Fee:  Free | PDR Hours: 2 PGA Required Education Hours

The Teacher Teaching Teachers event provides a unique opportunity to observe a live lesson using SamPutt Lab, Trackman, while working with one of the best sports psychologist in the country to help with the mental side of the game.

Meet The Teachers


Eric Barlow, PGA:                                                                       

Eric is the PGA Head Teaching Professional at Winchester Country Club. Eric is a PGA Master Professional in Teaching and Coaching. He is a PGA Certified Professional in Teaching and Coaching, Player Development and Golf Operations. Eric is also a Titleist TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, US Kids Certified Instructor, an AimPoint Certified Instructor, and a SamPutt

Dr. Greg Cartin:

Dr. Greg Cartin is the founder of GC3 Performance Consulting based in Belmont, MA. Dr. Cartin has an extensive background in both youth development through sport as well as sport psychology consultation. While specializing in mindfulness techniques to enhance performance, Dr. Cartin’s approach is client-centered, always putting the needs of his clients first.  He consults with individuals of all ages and abilities, and clients range from PGA tour winners to high handicap amateurs.  You can learn more about him on his website