PGA REACH New England is excited to announce a new spotlight piece dedicated to sharing the goodwill and support of local communities by our PGA Professionals. Chipping-In will trumpet the story of individual PGA Professionals and their efforts to differentiate their facility and personal PGA Brand within the community. This month, we share the story of Head Golf Professional Bryan Kienke, PGA of Cohasset Golf Club.

Bryan Kienke, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Cohasset Golf Club (Cohasset, Mass.)

Bryan Kienke was born and raised on Long Island, NY. After graduation from the Professional Golf Management Program at Methodist University, Bryan has held Assistant Professional Positions at Rockaway Hunting Club on Long Island, Medalist Golf Club and Adios Golf Club in South Florida & Aronimink Golf Club just outside Philadelphia. While an assistant Bryan has served on the Philadelphia Section Board of Directors and as the Philadelphia Assistants Organization President. Bryan is currently the Head Golf Professional at Cohasset Golf Club.

Bryan and his wife Mary have two sons, William & Connor, and are very excited to be in the greater Boston area. When not at the club, Bryan is passionate about the foundation that he and his family started, the Gregg’s Wings Foundation, which raises money for The Cancer Center for Kids in memory of his brother, Gregg. In nine years they have donated over $530,000 to the center in Gregg’s memory.

NEPGA: Is there a personal cause or goal you would like to bring attention to?
BK: Gregg’s Wings is a foundation that I started 10 years ago. Gregg’s Wings was created in memory of my brother Gregg who passed away at 10 weeks of age from cancer. Gregg’s doctors at the time have since started The Cancer Center for Kids. We are proud to support CCFK each year with our events and have been fortunate enough to raise over $530,000 in Gregg’s memory. has more information on our cause and ways to help.

NEPGA: What is the most rewarding thing about giving back to the community?
BK:The opportunity to see the positive impact that you can impart on others. We have been able to take a loss and turn it into a positive for so many other people.

NEPGA: How has giving back to the community helped to raise awareness of your facility?
BK: I’ve had a lot of members reach out and ask me about Gregg’s Wings and how they can help support our cause.  Each year we’ll have some hoodies, hats or t-shirts made up with our logo and another avenue to raise funds.  It’s pretty special to see the number of hats at the club with our logo on it.  Each year we have more people asking about what we do and how they can help.  I think you’ll find out quickly that our members really do care about us, and they enjoy supporting causes that mean a lot to us. 

NEPGA: How do you determine which charities to support?
BK:That’s always the hard part.  We always want to support every charity that we hear about.  I think the best way to pick and choose are to support causes that mean something to you.  Having a personal connection to a foundation makes it easier to talk about their cause and how much their support means to others.  The best way for these foundations to continue to grow is through word of mouth.  Each year we have new attendees at our events and they always become repeat supporters.  If you have a passion for something, it’s amazing how much that comes through when you talk to others about your cause. 

NEPGA: Any recommendations on how someone can start to support their community?
BK:Start talking to your friends and colleagues about any causes that they support.  It won’t take long before you learn about a cause that has had a direct impact on your life.  The more the cause has directly impacted you, or your family or friends, the more it means to you and the easier it is to spread the message that you’re supporting.  We really do live in a great society where others want to help people in need and that’s not always monetarily, but even with their time.  Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends or co-workers about some of the events you’re attending, even ask them to come along and see some of the great things you’re doing for your community, you’d be amazed at how quickly they’ll say yes!