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The Golf Professional of the Year Award is awarded for overall performance as a golf professional at his/her golf facility, level of service to his/her Section and to the Association, leadership ability, image and the ability to inspire fellow professionals and promotion of the game of golf.

Year Winner Year Winner
1969 John Boda, Sr., PGA 1994 Rich Iwaszko, PGA
1970 Bob Gillis, PGA 1995 Jack Neville, PGA
1971 Phil Friel, PGA 1996 Allan Stewart, PGA
1972 Les Dunn, PGA 1997 James Remy, PGA
1973 John Thoren, PGA 1998 James Sheerin, PGA
1974 Paul Harney, PGA 1999 Tony Morosco, PGA
1975 Jim Browning, PGA 2000 Paul J. Parajeckas, PGA
1976 Bill Flynn, PGA 2001 Bill Safrin, PGA
1977 Bill Barclay, PGA 2002 Don Lyons, PGA
1978 Francis Doyle, PGA 2003 Ken Raynor, PGA
1979 Jim O’Leary, PGA 2004 Stan Baluik, PGA
1980 Tony Morosco, PGA 2005 Kirk Hanefeld, PGA
1981 Paul Barkhouse, PGA 2006 Jeff Hadley, PGA
1982 Bill Flynn, PGA 2007 Rick Johnson, PGA
1983 Ken Campbell, PGA 2008 Bob Beach, PGA
1984 Bob Crowley, PGA 2009 Jim Noris, PGA
1985 Les Bond, PGA 2010 Chris Carter, PGA
1986 Don Callahan, PGA 2011 Jim DiMarino, PGA
1987 Bob Tucker, PGA 2012 Brendan Walsh, PGA
1988 Ray Lajoie, PGA 2013 Chris Carpenter, PGA
1989 Tony Loch, PGA 2014 Greg Yeomans, PGA
1990 Tom Tetrault, PGA 2015 Allan Belden, PGA
1991 Al Biondi, PGA 2016 Zack Wyman, PGA
1992 Steve Napoli, PGA 2017 Tony Decker, PGA
1993 Jack Gale, PGA 2018 Larry Kelley, PGA
Year Winner Year Winner
1986 Fred Bruno, PGA 2003 Chip Johnson, PGA
1987 Dick Hanscom, PGA 2004 Barrie Bruce, PGA
1988 Jay Morelli, PGA 2005 Bob Beach, PGA
1989 Joe McKinney, PGA 2006 John O’Connor, PGA
1990 Bob Miller, PGA 2007 Kelli Kostick, PGA
1991 Jack Gale, PGA 2008 Kevin Rhoads, PGA
1992 Harvey LaMontagne, PGA 2009 Danny Caverly, PGA
1993 Salvatore Ruggiero, PGA 2010 Drew Kayser, PGA
1994 Rick DePamphilis, PGA 2011 Ron Philo, Jr, PGA
1995 Tom Cavicchi, PGA 2012 Shawn Hester, PGA
1996 Jane Frost, PGA 2013 Kevin Rhoads, PGA
1997 Keith Lyford, PGA 2014 Skip Guss, PGA
1998 Phil Fecteau, PGA 2015 Graham Cunningham, PGA
1999 Joe Clark, Sr., PGA 2016 Phil Truono, PGA
2000 Sue Kaffenburgh, PGA 2017 Barry Churchill, PGA
2001 Kelli Kostick, PGA 2018 Eric Barlow, PGA
2002 Shawn Hester, PGA

Previously known as Junior Golf Leader Award

The Junior Golf Leader award is designed to pay recognition to a PGA golf professional who is a leader in junior golf, reflects the qualities and ideals of those who work with our nation’s youth, and provides opportunities and experiences for juniors to learn and play golf.

Year Winner Year Winner
1988 Jim Ronayne, PGA 2004 Michael J. Haberl, PGA
1989 Ted Murphy, PGA 2005 Mike Merrill, PGA
1990 Jack Neville, PGA 2006 Bob McGraw, PGA
1991 Bruce Dobie, PGA 2007 Tom Green, PGA
1992 Paul Parajeckas, PGA 2008 Brian Bain, PGA
1993 Ron Raposa, PGA 2009 Mike Foster, PGA
1994 Leo Reynolds, PGA 2010 Steve Napoli, PGA
1995 Mike Robichaud, PGA and Bob Chase, PGA 2011 Chris Carpenter, PGA
1996 Bob Beach, PGA 2012 Donnie Lyons, PGA
1997 Michael Haberl, PGA 2013 Ron Bibeau, PGA
1998 Tom Tetrault, PGA 2014 Graham Cunningham, PGA
1999 Charlie Lanzetta, PGA 2015 Jim Salinetti, PGA
2000 Wayne T. Natti, PGA 2016 Roman Greer, PGA
2001 Matt Moison, PGA 2017 Brian Diamond, PGA
2002 Kevin Roberts, PGA 2018 David Donnellan, PGA
2003 Rick DePamphilis, PGA

The Bill Strausbaugh Award is designed to recognize PGA Professionals who by their day-to-day efforts have distinguished themselves by mentoring their fellow PGA Professionals in improving their employment situations as well as through service to the community.

This award is presented to those PGA members who truly reflect the characteristics and qualities that Bill Strausbaugh possessed during his lifetime. Award candidates should demonstrate a record of service to their Section or Association; leadership ability; contributions to building the image of the game of golf, the PGA Professional and the Association; involvement and significant contributions towards improving the skills of fellow PGA Professionals; involvement in civic activities within his/her community; involvement with local charitable causes; overall integrity and recognition as a person of outstanding character.

Year Winner Year Winner
1985 Les Bond, PGA 2002 Gary Philbrick, PGA
1986 Tom Tetrault, PGA 2003 Chris Carter, PGA
1987 Jay Morelli, PGA 2004 Joel St. Laurent, PGA
1988 Richard Iwaszko, PGa 2005 Mike Dugas, PGA
1989 Tom Tetrault, PGA 2006 Bob Green, PGA
1990 Kurt Sokolowski, PGA 2007 Mickey Herron, PGA
1991 Kurt Sokolowski, PGA 2008 Jim Tobin, PGA
1992 Kurt Sokolowski, PGA 2009 Bill Ross, PGA
1993 Jim Remy, PGA 2010 Dave Pfannenstein, PGA
1994 Mike Egan, PGA 2011 Larry Kelley, PGA
1995 Al Biondi, PGA 2012 Susan Bond, PGA
1996 Tom Tetrault, PGA 2013 Mark Heartfield, PGA
1997 Jim Sheerin, PGA 2014 Steve Mann, PGA
1998 Steve Napoli, PGA 2015 Joanne Flynn, PGA
1999 Jim Lane, PGA 2016 Brendan Walsh, PGA
2000 Donald E. Lyons, PGA 2017 Jim DiMarino, PGA
2001 Jim Tobin, PGA 2018 Adam Hemeon, PGA

All Class A-8 members are eligible for the Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Award based on his/her efforts as an assistant professional and involvement in Assistants’ Association, Chapter, Section and PGA of America activities.

Year Winner Year Winner
2010 Dana Smith, PGA 2015 Mark Aldrich, PGA
2011 Justin Lawson, PGA 2016 Matt Closter, PGA
2012 Tony Decker, PGA 2017 Tyler Gosselin, PGA
2013 Rob Jarvis, PGA 2018 Brendon Ray, PGA
2014 Jacob Leech, PGA

The Merchandiser of the Year Award recognizes a PGA Professional who has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf. (Private, Public, & Resort Categories).

Year Winner Year Winner
1991 Andy Froude, PGA 2005 Kyle Page, PGA
1992 Les Bond, PGA 2006 Doug VanWickler, PGA
1993 Jim Sheerin, PGA 2007 Brendan Walsh, PGA
1994 Kirk Hanefeld, PGA 2008 Allan Belden, PGA
1995 Rick Johnson, PGA 2009 Jeff Phillips, PGA
1996 Jim Lane, PGA 2010 Mike Bailey, PGA
1997 John Scheffler, PGA 2011 Mark Heartfield, PGA
1998 Dick LaGrasse, PGA 2012 Todd Cook, PGA
1999 Jean Water, PGA and Tom Waters, PGA 2013 Barry Westall, PGA
2000 Michael E. Medeiros, PGA 2014 Adam Hemeon, PGA
2001 Chris Hulme, PGA 2015 Mark Gammons, PGA
2002 Mike Daron, PGA 2016 James Antonelli, PGA
2003 Stan Baluik, PGA 2017 Stuart Cady, PGA
2004 James DiMarino, PGA 2018 John Fields, PGA

The Merchandiser of the Year Award recognizes a PGA Professional who has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf. (Private, Public, & Resort Categories).

Year Winner Year Winner
1991 Warren Birch, PGA 2005 Bob Carey, PGA
1992 Dan Diskin, PGA 2006 John Tuffin, PGA
1993 Bill Flynn, PGA 2007 Scott Hickey, PGA
1994 Leigh Bader, PGA 2008 Jim Pavlik, PGA
1995 Bob Carey, PGA 2009 Greg Nelson, PGA
1996 George LaVoie, PGA 2010 Roger King, PGA
1997 Bob Carey, PGA 2011 Leigh Bader, PGA
1998 Mike Giles, PGA and Dan Diskin, PGA 2012 Chris Sleeper, PGA
1999 John Del Bonis, PGA 2013 Lou Rivers, PGA
2000 Leigh Bader, PGA 2014 Phillip Truono, PGA
2001 Terry O’Hara, PGA 2015 John Tuffin, PGA
2002 Harry Andrews, PGA 2016 Peiter DeVos, PGA
2003 Bob Carey, PGA 2017 Brian Bickford, PGA
2004 David Nyman, PGA 2018 Stephen Clancy, PGA


The Merchandiser of the Year Award recognizes a PGA Professional who has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf. (Private, Public, & Resort Categories).

Year Winner Year winner
1991 Not Given 2005 Dave Pfannenstein, PGA
1992 Jim Remy, PGA 2006 Jim Gunnare, PGA
1993 Dan Franzoso, PGA 2007 Scott Hoisington, PGA
1994 Not Given 2008 Gary Soule, PGA
1995 Jim Gunnare, PGA 2009 Michael Medeiros, PGA
1996 Dan Franzoso, PGA 2010 Michael Santa Maria, PGA
1997 Robert O’Brien, PGA 2011 Brendan Reilly, PGA
1998 Bill Hamblen, PGA 2012 Ron Philo, Jr, PGA
1999 Jim Gunnare, PGA 2013 Peter Doherty, PGA
2000 Thomas P. Ahern, PGA 2014 Gordon Swennes, PGA
2001 Chris Christie, PGA 2015 R.J. Austin, PGA
2002 Jim Remy, PGA 2016 Gary Soule, PGA
2003 Scott Hoisington, PGA 2017 Drew Anderson, PGA
2004 Chris Christie, PGA 2018 Matt Closter, PGA

Previously known as President’s Plaque

The Player Development Award is designed to recognize a PGA Professional for extraordinary and exemplary contributions and achievements in the area of player development. This award considers the PGA Professional’s growth of the game leadership commitment at the Section and National levels and the impact made at the facility.

Year Winner Year Winner
2006 Brian Bain, PGA 2013 Zack Wyman, PGA
2007 Bob Beach, PGA 2014 David Donnellan, PGA
2008 Susan Bond, PGA 2015 Brian Bickford, PGA
2009 Brian Bain, PGA 2016 Rick Johnson, PGA
2010 Brian Bain, PGA 2017 Todd Cook, PGA
2011 Barrie Bruce, PGA 2018 Peter Doherty, PGA
2012 Matt Griffith, PGA

The Patriot Award is presented to a PGA Professional who personifies patriotism through the game of golf and demonstrates unwavering commitment and dedication to the men and women who have valiantly served and protected the United States of America.

Year Winner Year Winner
2012 Bob Beach, PGA 2016 Jim Tobin, PGA
2013 Bob Beach, PGA 2017 Kim O’Neil, PGA
2014 Susan Bond, PGA 2018 Vinnie DelZoppo, PGA
2015 Bob, Giusti, PGA

The Deacon Palmer Award bestows special recognition on a PGA Golf Professional who personally displays outstanding integrity, character and leadership, in the effort to overcome a major obstacle in their life.  This individual is an unsung hero/heroine at their facility and in their community, who serve to inspire, empower and assist others, both inside and outside of the game.

Year Winner Year Winner
2015 Ray Lajoie, PGA 2017 Mark Heartfield, PGA
2016 William J. Flynn, PGA (posthumously) 2018 Jay Askew, PGA


The George S. Wemyss Award is presented each year to an individual who has consistently been a friend to the NEPGA and/or its members over the years, and made a significant contribution to the game of golf. The individual should consistently demonstrate a high moral character, and has performed a distinctive service to the NEPGA to meet its goals or enhance its image.

The George S. Wemyss Award was originally called the “Man of the Year Award” and was first presented in 1977 to Cuz Mingolla.  In 1978 Dick Tarlow was the recipient followed by Gael Coakley in 1978 and Joe Lazaro in 1980.

The “Man of the Year Award” became the “Golden Golf Award” when the Committee decided to give this prestigious award to Pat Bradley in 1981 and realized that a name change was in order.  In 1982 Manny Francis was the recipient followed in 1983 by George S. Wemyss.  This award was not given in 1984, 1987, 1988, and 1989.  Geoge W. Page was the recipient in 1985 and George S. Wemyss, again in 1986.

Year Winner Year Winner
1990 George S. Wemyss 2005 Harry McCracken
1991 Not Given 2006 Dan Hurley
1992 Not Given 2007 Robert T. Lynch
1993 Edith Wemyss 2008 Dennis Drinkwater
1994 Phil Friel 2009 The Farina Family
1995 Al Glenn 2010 Robert Donovan
1996 Susan Hudson 2011 Wally Uihlein
1997 Richard Haskell 2012 Terry Frechette
1998 Robert Frem 2013 Joan Stuart
1999 Edward J. Mingolla 2014 Not Given
2000 Thomas O. Murphy 2015 Not Given
2001 Walter Lankau 2016 Gary Larrabee
2002 Not Given 2017 Eddie Carbone
2003 Bill Flynn 2018 Not Given
2004 George Lyons

Eugene Wogan began his distinguished golf career when he began caddying at Oakley Country Club in Watertown, Massachusetts at the age of twelve. The eminent Donald Ross was the Head Professional at Oakley and he picked “Skip” as he liked to call him as his personal caddie and later as his assistant golf professional. When in 1910, Donald Ross took the Head Professional job at Essex County Club in Manchester, Massachusetts, he took young Wogan with him. After three years, Ross left Essex to serve at Pinehurst, recommending Skip Wogan as his replacement. Wogan remained as Head Professional and greens keeper at Essex until his death in 1957. As a protégé of Ross, Skip became active in course design and in expanding the concept of the Essex style four ball. Some of Wogan’s courses during this period were Blue Hills in Canton, MA; Bellevue in Melrose, MA; Sankaty Head on Nantucket Island in MA; and Webhannet and a nine-hole course for an Essex member appropriately named “Labor in Vain.” Skip also became a renowned maker of scoreboards locally, then gained national attention for his board designs. He was a guru of the Rules of Golf and could quote them verbatim when necessary. Skip Wogan was one of the founders of the PGA of America as the Current New England PGA and was the Section’s first President. Skip was also active on national PGA’s Board of Directors. In recognition of his tireless work on behalf of the Association, the NEPGA named its Player of the Year Award after him. Essex County Club has also named their premier trophy the Skip Wogan Trophy, in recognition of his outstanding service to their members. In 1957, after forty-seven years at Essex, Skip Wogan passed away.

Year Winner Year Winner
1953 Phil Friel 1986 Dana Quigley
1954 John Thoren 1987 Dana Quigley
1955 John Thoren 1988 Jeff Bailey
1956 Jim Browning 1989 Paul Parajeckas
1957 Bob Crowley 1990 Mike San Filippo
1958 Bill Ezinicki 1991 Dana Quigley
1959 Bob Crowley 1992 Bob Lendzion
1960 Bill Ezinicki 1993 Dana Quigley
1961 Bob Crowley 1994 Dana Quigley
1962 Bob Crowley 1995 John Hickson
1963 Bob Crowley 1996 Dana Quigley
1964 Bill Ezinicki 1997 Paul Parajeckas
1965 Jim Browning 1998 John Hickson
1966 Ross Coon 1999 Mike San Filippo
1967 Jim Browning 2000 Kirk Hanefeld
1968 Ross Coon 2001 Mike Baker
1969 Paul Barkhouse 2002 Kirk Hanefeld
1970 Charley Volpone 2003 Ron Philo Jr.
1971 Charley Volpone 2004 Ron Philo Jr.
1972 Charley Volpone 2005 Ron Philo Jr.
1973 Charley Volpone 2006 Frank Dully II
1974 Charley Volpone 2007 John Hickson
1975 Tom McGuirk 2008 Jeffrey Martin
1976 Charley Volpone 2009 Jeffrey Martin
1977 Paul Barkhouse 2010 Jeffrey Martin
1978 Joe Carr 2011 John Hickson
1979 Jay Dolan 2012 Ed Kirby
1980 Paul Moran 2013 Shawn Warren
1981 Jeff Bailey 2014 Shawn Warren
1982 Rick Karbowski 2015 Shawn Warren
1983 Jeff Bailey 2016 Rich Berberian, Jr.
1983 Jeff Bailey 2017 Rich Berberian, Jr.
1985 Dana Quigley 2018 Shawn Warren
Year Member Year Member
1978 Al Raymond and Ed Sakovitz 1994 John Miller
1979 Dr. Gary Wiren 2000 Wally Uihlein
1983 George S. Wemyss 2005 Eddie Carbone and Susan Hudson
1989 Frank Tobin 2008 Terry Frechette
1991 Al Glenn 2009 Mike Gibson
1993 Tom Murphy 2011 Joan Stuart