PGA REACH New England is excited to continue its spotlight series dedicated to sharing the goodwill and support of local communities by our PGA Professionals. Chipping In trumpets the story of individual PGA Professionals and his or her efforts to differentiate their facility and personal PGA Brand within the community. This month, we share the story of Head Golf Professional Paul Tessier, PGA of Bald Peak Colony Club.

Paul Tessier, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Bald Peak Colony Club (Moultonborough, N.H.)

PT: Being behind the scenes makes me most happy when working with my community.  Beginning with the Tuftonboro Central School Chess Club and coaching in the Back Bay Hockey Association, I have spent countless number of hours either facilitating, teaching, fundraising, organizing events or games, and working with the youth of my community.  Also, our local fields are a non-profit organization called The Nick.  In order to provide manicured soccer, lacrosse, track, and baseball fields, we must fundraise each year for operating costs.  The largest fundraiser is a golf tournament in which I helped organize and develop.  This tournament has raised thousands of dollars, but just as important, has raised awareness of the great recreational park.  The Bald Peak Community Fund is another charity I enjoy donating my time to.

What is the name of the organization or program you would like to highlight? 

Bald Peak Community Fund which is an organized group within the club I work for, Bald Peak Colony Club.  This fund has an outreach of over 20 local establishments such as the Food Pantries, Hope House, nursery schools, youth centers, Fire departments, Child Advocacy center, Starting Point to name a few.

How long have you been active with your charitable organization?

Since its inception about 20 years I donate a days worth of golf lesson income to the fund.

What is the most rewarding thing about giving back to the community?

I find in our local community there are real needs for: fuel assistance, fire rescue, and support of the Huggins Hospital, Starting Point, Kingswood Youth Center, The Nick, Hope House, Food Pantries.

What other organizations do you support?

Melvin Village Community Church Feet for Fuel which offers free oil to local families during the winter months and to the Hope House that allows families to get back on their feet after some type of setback.

How has giving back to the community helped to raise awareness of your facility?

The local communities recognize Bald Peak as a philanthropic community.

How do you determine which charities to support?

Personally, I support charities that bring joy to many people.  The Nick, for instance, is used by so many children and adults.  Professionally, I support the Bald Peak Community Fund because of the outreach to so many different local non-profit establishments it supports.

Any recommendations on how someone can start to support their community?

I believe anyone can support their community by looking at needs of people for their basic necessities.  Being in New England the weather can be harsh in the winter.  People are always in need of heating oil, food and shelter.  A simple walk, golf tournament or reaching out to our memberships can get the ball rolling.