Another hot, steamy day greeted the 31 teams that traveled to Beaver Meadow Golf Course in Concord, NH on Monday the 28th. This weeks weather was a repeat of the weather we had last week at Keene CC. The humidity came with the temps going above 90 for 3rd time in the last 4 NHC events. The other event, at Stonebridge CC saw rain hamper the days event. That did not stop the 124 players that came to compete today.

The Professional Division saw some good play from many players. Matt Arvanitis of SNHU came in with a 3 under par 69 to take top honors in the pro division. Jay Pollini of Ridgewood came in with a 2 under 70 to come in second. Mitch Jefferson and Brad Heninger both came in with 1 under 71’s to tie for 3rd place. Cory Mansfield of Derryfield, and Nick Desjardins of Nashua came in with even par 72’s tying for 5th place. Four players came in with 73’s to finish out the top 10 They were Chris Mowers, Bill Andrews, Sam Read, and Steve Hausmann.

The format was changed this week to 1 bb gross or 1 bb net, two separate divisions. On the gross side the home team from Beaver Meadow came in with a 10 under 62. Led by PGA Pro Phil Davis his team consisted of Mark Stevens (who shot 65 on his own ball), Eric Saucier, and Joel Mousseau. There was a 2 team tie for second place with the teams led by Jay Pollini and Jim Gunnare. Jays other three players were Tim Melanson, Bobby Marruli, and Thomas Hickey, while Jim’s teammates were Don Shippey, Tony Fournier, and Michael Jonis.

In the Net Division the team from Pembroke Pines led by Ben Stone shot 12 under 60. His team consisted of David Stickney, Dana Brearley, and James Folan. Another team came in at that 60 score, led by Keene’s Barry Pearson with team Bob Lefebvre, Sam Timmer, and Frank Lucius. There was a 4 way tie for 3rd place in this division.

Thank you to Erin Henderson for partnering in todays event. It is always nice to have a partner to enhance the event.

After a week off for the 4th of July the circuit continues on July 12 at Pease Golf Course for the Pro Senior.

PGA Professional at Beaver Meadow rolls one in on the 18th hole for birdie.

Erin Henderson of Callaway Golf was todays Partner for the pro am.

Sam Read from Den Brae watches his put on the 9th hole.

Eric Sandstrum of Keene CC watches his partners ball on the first hole.