When P.J. Breton, PGA (Framingham CC) teed off at the New England PGA Pro-Pro Stroke Play Championship in July he had a very special gallery following his every shot.

Not only did P.J.’s friend Caleb come out to watch, but Caleb brought his parents and sister along for the ride as well. P.J. first met Caleb, a youngster who lives in Indiana, during a golf clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital last year. Caleb, a patient at the hospital who was undergoing his first surgery, makes the trek halfway across the country with his family on a monthly basis for the excellent care offered at the hospital.

Fighting off health issues, paired with spending a big chunk of time traveling from Indiana to Boston and back, makes it tough for Caleb to have what most would consider a normal childhood. That’s exactly why the New England PGA Foundation and the NEPGA Growth of the Game Committee make it a priority to host several Youth Golf Clinics at Boston Children’s Hospital each year.

“Last year we did a golf day at the hospital and I ended up meeting Caleb and his mom,” Breton said. “Back in April I ended up seeing Caleb and his mom again, which makes you sad seeing him there again. I ended up talking to her a little more and finding out a little more. I got her contact information and basically became part of their family really quickly.”

For Caleb and his family, the connection with P.J. provides a hint of normalcy to a childhood that is anything but.

“It’s nice to feel like we have family here since obviously we really don’t. It’s neat,” said Caleb’s Mom, Sue. “We’re excited. Anytime we can support people who are willing to give back to the children at the hospital, to come out and be a part of it is really special.”

Even if it was only for a couple hours, spending some time on the golf course with his family, watching P.J. play, was a big deal to Caleb.

“For Caleb to have different avenues where he can be out and not think about all the appointments is always such a blessing,” Sue said.