PAT Host Site Requirements


The following are some of the requirements of a PAT host site:


Host Professional must be a PGA member on site through the duration of the PAT.


• Men play from a minimum of 6,350 but no more than 6700 yards.


• Women play from a minimum of 5,400 yards, but no more than 5,700.


• Course rating must be a minimum of 68.0.


• Course must be in good condition to provide for the ball being played as it lies.


• It is recommended to schedule the date of each PAT at least 3 weeks apart.


Host facilities may charge an on site fee to cover the costs for green fees, cart usage, lunch or range fees. The host professional will be remunerated in the amount of $125 for hosting the PAT.


If you are interested in hosting a PAT at your facility, please contact the Section office at 508-869-0000.

Table of Contents

1 - 2018 Playing Ability Tests
2 - 2018 PAT Registration Coming in January
3 - Rules and Regulations
4 - PAT Host Site Requirements