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Teacher of The Year Award

The Teacher of the Year Award honors a PGA golf professional who has shown outstanding service as a golf instructor.


1986 Fred Bruno, PGA
1987 Dick Hanscom, PGA
1988 Jay Morelli, PGA
1989 Joe McKinney, PGA
1990 Bob Miller, PGA
1991 Jack Gale, PGA
1992 Harvey LaMontagne, PGA
1993 Salvatore Ruggiero, PGA
1994 Rick DePamphilis, PGA
1995 Tom Cavicchi, PGA
1996 Jane Frost, PGA
1997 Keith Lyford, PGA
1998 Phil Fecteau, PGA
1999 Joe Clark, Sr., PGA
2000 Sue Kaffenburgh, PGA
2001 Kelli Kostick, PGA 
2002 Shawn Hester, PGA 
2003 Chip Johnson, PGA 
2004 Barrie Bruce, PGA 
2005 Bob Beach, PGA 
2006 John O'Connor, PGA 
2007 Kelli Kostick, PGA 
2008 Kevin Rhoads, PGA 
2009 Danny Caverly, PGA
2010 Drew Kayser, PGA 
2011 Ron Philo, Jr, PGA
2012 Shawn Hester, PGA
2013 Kevin Rhoads, PGA
2014 Skip Guss, PGA
2015 Graham Cunningham, PGA
2016 Phil Truono, PGA
2017 Barry Churchill, PGA