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Youth Player Development Award

previously known as Junior Golf Leader Award

The Junior Golf Leader award is designed to pay recognition to a PGA golf professional who is a leader in junior golf, reflects the qualities and ideals of those who work with our nation's youth, and provides opportunities and experiences for juniors to learn and play golf.


1988 Jim Ronayne, PGA
1989 Ted Murphy, PGA
1990 Jack Neville, PGA
1991 Bruce Dobie, PGA
1992 Paul Parajeckas, PGA
1993 Ron Raposa, PGA
1994 Leo Reynolds, PGA 
1995  Mike Robichaud, PGA and Bob Chase, PGA 
1996 Bob Beach, PGA 
1997  Michael Haberl, PGA 
1998  Tom Tetrault, PGA 
1999  Charlie Lanzetta, PGA 
2000  Wayne T. Natti, PGA 
2001  Matt Moison, PGA 
2002  Kevin Roberts, PGA 
2003  Rick DePamphilis, PGA 
2004  Michael J. Haberl, PGA 
2005  Mike Merrill, PGA 
2006  Bob McGraw, PGA 
2007  Tom Green, PGA
2008  Brian Bain, PGA 
2009  Mike Foster, PGA 
2010  Steve Napoli, PGA 
2011 Chris Carpenter, PGA
2012 Donnie Lyons, PGA
2013 Ron Bibeau, PGA
2014 Graham Cunningham, PGA
2015 Jim Salinetti, PGA
2016 Roman Greer, PGA
2017 Brian Diamond, PGA