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Merchandiser of The Year Award Private

The Merchandiser of the Year Award recognizes a PGA Professional who has demonstrated superior skills as a merchandiser in the promotion of golf. (Private, Public, & Resort Categories)


1991 Andy Froude, PGA
1992 Les Bond, PGA
1993 Jim Sheerin, PGA
1994 Kirk Hanefeld, PGA
1995 Rick Johnson, PGA
1996 Jim Lane, PGA
1997 John Scheffler, PGA
1998 Dick LaGrasse, PGA
1999 Jean Water, PGA and Tom Waters, PGA
2000 Michael E. Medeiros, PGA
2001 Chris Hulme, PGA 
2002 Mike Daron, PGA 
2003 Stan Baluik, PGA 
2004 James DiMarino, PGA 
2005 Kyle Page, PGA 
2006 Doug VanWickler, PGA 
2007 Brendan Walsh, PGA 
2008 Allan Belden, PGA 
2009 Jeff Phillips, PGA 
2010 Mike Bailey, PGA
2011 Mark Heartfield, PGA
2012 Todd Cook, PGA
2013 Barry Westall, PGA
2014 Adam Hemeon, PGA
2015 Mark Gammons, PGA
2016 James Antonelli, PGA
2017 Stuart Cady, PGA