Ron Green's Rules Quiz

Answers posted at the bottom the page.

1. A player’s makes a practice swing and accidentally moves his ball in play with his club. Has he made a stroke?

a. Yes.
b. No

2. At a short hole, Dave’s tee shot may be lost or out of bounds, so he plays a provisional ball, which he holes. Dave does not wish to look for his original ball, Ron, Dave’s opponent or fellow-competitor, goes to look for the original ball. When does the provisional ball become the ball in play?

a. When it is holed, the original ball is deemed to be lost and the score with the provisional ball is Dave’s score for the hole.
b. When Dave declares his original ball lost.
c. When Dave removes it from the hole, provided the original ball has not been found in bounds within five minutes of Ron starting to search for it.

3. Ron and Dave are partners in a four-ball stroke play competition. Ron’s ball and Dave’s ball are in the same bunker. Ron lifts a loose impediment lying in the bunker. Ron is penalized two strokes for a breach of Rule 13-4. Does Dave incur a penalty?

a. Yes, if the removal of the loose impediment assisted Dave’s play, Dave would also be penalized two strokes.
b. No, Dave is not penalized under any circumstances.

4. Ben and Dave are partners in a foursome. Ben drives and there is doubt whether the ball is out of bounds. They decide to play a provisional ball. Who plays the provisional tee shot?

a. Ben
b. Dave



1. Answer: b; Decision 18-2a/20

2. Answer: c; Decision 27-2b/2

3. Answer: a; Decision 31-8/1

4. Answer: b.; Decision 29/1-3