Playing by the Rules - July 2014

Playing by the Rules (Issue #44)


I know I have beaten you up with this plea before, and I probably will again at some point. However, the only reason I am bringing this subject up now is ….. when, Mr. Ted Bishop, PGA, yes that’s correct, the President of the PGA of America, is on your side, you need to take advantage of it.


I have suggested many times the PGA Professional needs to establish a solid working relationship with the Superintendent at their facility. It’s a win, win proposition.


So, when I received my June 2014 edition of PGA Magazine and starting flipping through it, what do I see on page 8...


From the President


Key Partners


Good communication between the PGA Professional and golf course superintendent is critical to successful operations.


When you get a minute, check out page 8 and see what someone else (someone with lot more influence than me) thinks about the importance of the Professional – Superintendent relationship.


Just remember, you saw it here first!

Just kidding President Bishop.


See you down the road,